Media and the modern sound

Some thoughts on the influence of media over popular music at SonsofSibelius. There’s a whole world of discussion around musical circles about this topic, but will any of it ever change anything for the better? And why does the media seem hell bent on forcing such drivel down into our ears and minds?  Is it really just a matter of profits?

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2 Responses to Media and the modern sound

  1. adrian allan says:

    I quite like the theory of “weapons of mass distraction” on why non-musicians dominate the mass media. Because there’s not much going on in their music, the media commentary inevitably is directed towards their dress sense, who they are going out with, etc etc – all the rubbish that keeps the masses distracted from the clouds of radiation emanating from Japan, the fiction behind the concocted war on terror and all the other real news that is affecting the future direction of the planet. Real muscians also tend to be more thoughtful people and are more likely to voice their opinion on world events. When did you ever hear Katy Perry making a meaningful statement about politics? “They” don’t want thinking people too much in the public eye – they just want airheads who promote fashion and consumerism. George Bush’s advice to the American people after 911 – do what you normally do and carry on shopping. Don’t you just love retail therapy?

  2. Steve says:

    You mean thoughts like this:
    ?? Yeah, TPTB might not want you or me or anyone else spending too much time on thoughts like these!

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