Morning Prayer

Listen to this: Morning Prayer by Ed Sharpe. (Be sure to click on the mp3 button on the ScoreExchange page.)

I have only one question for now:

Where can I buy the CD?

There is today being created, for anyone who doubted it, new and exciting music which is neither stuffy, abstract, nor unapproachable. Yet this is not the void, hollow sludge being mass produced in the popular culture. It is a fresh, animate sound sound that draws one into another dimension. Part jazz, part “world” music (whatever that is – there’s only one world that I know of), all masterpiece.

Thank you Ed for this work of art!

Read more about this great new work here: SibeliusComposers.

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2 Responses to Morning Prayer

  1. Julian says:

    Out of respect to Ed, I’m really trying to find a spare 40 minutes when I don’t need to hear anything else and can listen to this all the way through. Not easy to do, but I’ll manage it in due course.

    One ribald comment, I’m afraid, in the meantime. I had to have a giggle with the opening of a piece called Morning Prayer when, to me at least, the rain stick sounded like frying bacon.

    • Steve says:

      Maybe that explains the warm fuzzy I felt listening to this piece, that sense of good times past – haven’t had the pleasure of fried bacon in over four years…

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