Spring Music

Spring is here. Hooray. We didn’t really have winter here in NYC this year, so not much of a celebratory feeling here, but it’s still always nice to acknowledge Spring, one of the nicer seasons (unless you’re an allergy sufferer).

Some upcoming events:

  • The One World Symphony is performing Gluck in their final concert of the season this May.  If you’re in town, check them out!
  • Kevin Riley is holding a Competition to compose a work for Tenor Trombone and Piano. The results should be interesting. I don’t think I’ll have time to participate, but I’ll definitely be looking to hear the winning piece.
  • I’m not particularly religious, but then again, supposedly neither was N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Here’s his Russian Easter Overture. I listen to it every spring. (Unfortunately, in two parts here, but worth it – a great performance. I suggest watching in YouTube.):
  • Another spring favorite of mine (although with no real connection to spring) is Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony (Again, in two parts):

Where’s the Rite of Spring, you ask. Well, you can’t have everything, now can you? Maybe next time! Have a great spring and Happy Earth Day!

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7 Responses to Spring Music

  1. Steve says:

    and NO, I won’t be posting a link to that vulgar JoCo song about the first of May,,, 😉

  2. beautiful music…very relaxing.

  3. Kevin Riley says:

    Played the Rimsky a while ago and had to play the trombone solo as the guy on second did not have the nerve to do it!

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