Elliott Carter RIP

You will be missed.


I once attended a concert in Manhattan featuring some wind quintet music of Elliott Carter. I believe it was on or around his 101st birthday and at the end of the concert he was announced to be in the audience and humbly rose from the front row to be acknowledged. A standing ovation followed. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment.

Some talk was given (and examples by the performers followed) of his teaching style wherein he attempted to urge his students to be creative in their composing. A piece was played by the wind quintet which consisted of the five players throwing a single note back and forth in various octaves and with various techniques and dynamic levels – combined with the varying tone qualities of the different instruments playing in their various registers, the effect was striking: so much could be achieved with one note! His music is notoriously complex, but sometimes it is strikingly simple.

Thank you Elliott Carter for your contributions to making the world a brighter place!

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1 Response to Elliott Carter RIP

  1. Hi Steve. Thankfully Elliott Carter lived to be a ripe old age. I’m sure he left a great legacy behind. As you expressed, he’ll be missed.

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