All About Artificial Grass Wall Panels

All About Artificial Grass Wall Panels

Plastic or galvanized stainless steel panels covered with artificial grass are called grass wall panels. These panels are used for various applications as they are a great alternative to natural grass.

Artificial grass wall panels can be used in various arrangements, from a wall feature behind the headboard of a bed to detail on the corner of an outbuilding. Alibaba artificial grass panels now contain a lot more than grass. These panels also have flowers, leaves, moss, etc.

Check the Alibaba grass wall panels collection if you also want a panel or more for your wall. You will find something of your taste. But before that, read the guide below to learn more about these panels!

Why Grass Panels?

The artificial grass panels have various uses;

  1. These panels can be a feature wall to add color and contrast to the room. So, if you want something more natural than green wallpaper, the panels will do the job well.
  2. The grass panels are also used to decorate the walls without much effort. So, whether an occasion is at the corner or you want an interior change, these panels are an instant solution.
  3. These panels are also used as backdrops to create nature artificially. In the camera, it’s pretty hard to tell that you are using artificial grass.
  4. These panels are also used as a border to specify a place for a particular application.

But why are these panels more widely used for these applications than natural grass? Below is the answer!

Benefits of Artificial Grass Wall Panel

Though natural grass has countless benefits, it still comes with a lot of hassle of maintenance. In contrast, the artificial grass panels provide the following benefits;

Mold and Mildew Resistance

The growth of mold/mildew is widespread on walls when you grow any natural plant or grass on them, even if you use a port or something like that. The growth of these substances damages the wall quality and paint. However, the artificial wall grass doesn’t come with any such hassle, and they are entirely safe for the wall.

Easy Maintenance

The artificial grass panels come with no or low maintenance. Unlike natural grass, these panels do not require watering, fertilization, mowing, raking, trimming, or cleaning.


As the artificial grass panels are usually made of plastic, it raises concerns about whether the panels are safe or not. So, these panels are completely safe and made from non-toxic materials that have not harm you.

UV Protected

It’s pretty overwhelming to know that these grass panels are UV protected, which means they will be safe in your room from the harsh sun rays.


The artificial grass panels are very long-lasting. So, you don’t need to replace them often; that safe your cost and installation hassle.

How to Install Artificial Grass Panel?

Usually, the artificial grass wall panels come with hooks attached, making installation simple. The hooks are attached at the back of the spaced panels to allow for easy installation and removal. So, installing these panels is as simple as installing scenery on the wall.


If you haven’t purchased an artificial grass panel, this guide will be full of facts. Hopefully, now you get another easy option of home decoration that is quick, affordable, and no maintenance required.