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Beautiful Blogger Award

I was recently awarded the Beautiful Blogger Award by The Healthy Warrior. I am honoured and shocked, frankly, as I don’t generally think of myself as beautiful 😉 A big thank you to Carolyn the healthy warrior, whose blog and … Continue reading

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Chuck Norris Facts, the musical

Anyone growing up watching all those Vietnam movies with Chuck Norris defeating several armed opponents with his fists and feet alone can relate to these: I kind of like that Hampster song… Sort of goes along with the silliness of … Continue reading

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Lightning Music !

I shall say nothing. See for yourself: Darth Vader: Mario Brothers: and featuring on Bass – lightning itself: Who woulda thunk it? Amazing! And we still haven’t (at least openly) even touched on the potential legacy that is Tesla’s work.

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A Real First!

I’m downright jealous of all the new features included in the new Sibelius First that aren’t included in even the full version… I certainly hope they herald improvements in the next full version of Sibelius! See what I’m talking about. … Continue reading

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Spring Music

Spring is here. Hooray. We didn’t really have winter here in NYC this year, so not much of a celebratory feeling here, but it’s still always nice to acknowledge Spring, one of the nicer seasons (unless you’re an allergy sufferer). … Continue reading

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Jonathan Coulton is the Man!

Listening to something a little different tonight: I discovered this musical genius quite by accident a few years ago on an internet comedy rock station. Never knew before discovering Mr. Coulton’s wacky songs that music could be so pleasing and … Continue reading

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What time is it folks?

You know what time it is!

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