Handpan Mania!

Well, okay, maybe not mania… This is truly blissful music here, such a relaxing and peaceful sound.

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Avoid AVID

Signatures have meant nothing to the greedy bosses at AVID, so now it’s time to hit them where it hurts – the only place these greedy fat cats have any nerve endings at all: their wallets! Boycott AVID!

boycott AVID

Join the Boycott – Avoid AVID

Here’s a place to go and be heard!

I’m tired of everything nice in this world being corrupted and ruined by greed and the never ending quest for profit. Let’s rock this boat a little, shall we?

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Flash Mob !

This is why New York City and the One World Symphony Orchestra will always be the best:


Man I would have loved to have been shopping that day… As it was, I was working a few teasingly close blocks away, painfully missing out on another New York moment.

Don’t you miss out… If you’re in town check out a One World Symphony concert – you won’t regret it. Their regular concerts are as much fun as a flash mob, believe it or not!


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End of the World?

For anyone who uses the music notation software Sibelius, the news some years ago that AVID was taking over was like a kick in the gut. Only the blindly optimistic didn’t see the grim reaper lurching over the shoulder of the esteemed music notation program, grinning at his good fortune. It seems like the end is closing in now, with the corporate bloodsuckers closing the offices and releasing the long term staff, thinking it best if a few programmers hired off the street in Kiev (or wherever in the Ukraine [or wherever!] they are hired from) take over the job of updating the program and keeping alive the legacy of the world’s best and most relied upon music notation software.  I personally don’t think this idea is so hot, but what do I know? If you use the Sibelius music notation software, or are simply against corporate greed killing yet another beautiful thing in our world, a website has been set up to help organize…, well, at least a chance to vent to the corporate vampires who are doing this:


I don’t know if anything will change with online petitions or a few (thousand) emails, but it beats doing nothing. It’s free and easy to sign the petition and email the relevant persons though the link above, so if you feel at all motivated to annoy a corporate sith lord today, why not stop by and lend your voice?

Here’s some justification for why AVID needs to cut costs:


As you can see if you take a look at the executive compensation charts, AVID clearly needs the money to be able to afford to pay these executives so many millions of dollars a year… Jeeze, I almost feel bad for them having to work so hard closing offices around the globe and letting go of the experienced development staff… It’s just too bad that cuts have to occur, we can’t really expect these corporate goons to go on living on less than a million dollars a year, can we? Besides, I’m sure random programmers hired off the street will be able to do the job that teams of developers with years of history with the program have been doing. I’m certain of it. Why aren’t I rushing out to buy the latest stuff from AVID, you ask? Oh, it has nothing to do with any lack of faith in their competence. It’s just that I…. I…, oh, I’ll get around to it eventually.

Right after I get back from my walk through Hell!

snowy forest

Hell at time of my next purchase from AVID

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Beautiful Blogger Award

Beautiful Blogger icon

I was recently awarded the Beautiful Blogger Award by The Healthy Warrior. I am honoured and shocked, frankly, as I don’t generally think of myself as beautiful 😉 A big thank you to Carolyn the healthy warrior, whose blog and story are inspiring.

The rules state I’m to copy the blog award above into my post, thank the awarder and link back, and then pass it on to seven beautiful bloggers. It’s my pleasure to comply.

Now, to keep the ball rolling, I must pass the honour along to seven beautiful bloggers:

Sarah takes pictures – for taking such beautiful photographs

Rubicorno – for being such a talented iPhonographer

Veggiewitch – for telling such amusing stories

The Adventures of Vegan Charlie – for being such a kind person

An Unrefined Vegan – for sharing such delicious healthy recipes

Joe’s Shitty Ideas – for such an original, entertaining site

Blog, I am your father – for such artistic snippets of life

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Chuck Norris Facts, the musical

Anyone growing up watching all those Vietnam movies with Chuck Norris defeating several armed opponents with his fists and feet alone can relate to these:

I kind of like that Hampster song… Sort of goes along with the silliness of the facts. The rest, not so cool, but the facts are always a hoot! (Except that ridiculous one about racism and Mr T that insists on being on the cover of the video.)

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Lightning Music !

I shall say nothing. See for yourself:

Darth Vader:

Mario Brothers:

and featuring on Bass – lightning itself:

Who woulda thunk it? Amazing! And we still haven’t (at least openly) even touched on the potential legacy that is Tesla’s work.

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A Real First!

I’m downright jealous of all the new features included in the new Sibelius First that aren’t included in even the full version… I certainly hope they herald improvements in the next full version of Sibelius!

See what I’m talking about.

Way to go Sib team!

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Spring Music

Spring is here. Hooray. We didn’t really have winter here in NYC this year, so not much of a celebratory feeling here, but it’s still always nice to acknowledge Spring, one of the nicer seasons (unless you’re an allergy sufferer).

Some upcoming events:

  • The One World Symphony is performing Gluck in their final concert of the season this May.  If you’re in town, check them out!
  • Kevin Riley is holding a Competition to compose a work for Tenor Trombone and Piano. The results should be interesting. I don’t think I’ll have time to participate, but I’ll definitely be looking to hear the winning piece.
  • I’m not particularly religious, but then again, supposedly neither was N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Here’s his Russian Easter Overture. I listen to it every spring. (Unfortunately, in two parts here, but worth it – a great performance. I suggest watching in YouTube.):
  • Another spring favorite of mine (although with no real connection to spring) is Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony (Again, in two parts):

Where’s the Rite of Spring, you ask. Well, you can’t have everything, now can you? Maybe next time! Have a great spring and Happy Earth Day!

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Jonathan Coulton is the Man!

Listening to something a little different tonight:

I discovered this musical genius quite by accident a few years ago on an internet comedy rock station. Never knew before discovering Mr. Coulton’s wacky songs that music could be so pleasing and funny at the same time. So, whilst a little off kilter from the norm here, I can’t help but think that good music is good music and deserves recognition – and these songs are great!

[Ok, maybe he’s a little twisted somehow… but aren’t all creative genii crazy one way or another?]

Some of my favorite songs of his:

And last, but not least, the song that introduced me to the Legend [WARNING: The following video contains disturbing images (yes, more disturbing than the previous videos!) and should not be viewed sensitive viewers or children]:

Sleep tight (if you can…. !)



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