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First Update to Sib 7

The first update: Daniel’s Blog I got my copy in the mail yesterday. Registering was the usual pain of navigating Avid web pages filled with incorrect instructions and misleading wording… For all the hype of trying to get new customers, … Continue reading

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Sibelius 7 is upon us

I downloaded the demo and must admit, despite there being a steeper learning curve than from version 5 to 6, I think I like what I see so far. I’m not a buying v.0 kind of guy, and I think … Continue reading

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12-tone Composition challenge

I have suggested at SonsofSibelius that composers challenge themselves by composing something utilizing the 12-tone method of composition. I think a lot of creativity is locked up in our own personal rules and limitations and that by smashing through our … Continue reading

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How can I accomodate you?

Been some (at times heated) discussion lately about the desirability, or lack thereof, of modifying otherwise completed musical compositions for the sake of ease of performance. At Sibeliusmusic this thread started the latest round of debate on this topic, before … Continue reading

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thoughtful discussions

Some very interesting thoughts here and also here, from Ed Sharpe’s forum SibeliusComposers. Enough thoughts to keep one’s mind busy for years I suspect!

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See this post on the SibeliusMusic situation

Here is a post at the Sibelian Conspiracy of the ongoing situation that began when Avid decided to scrap the SibeliusMusic.com website. The SibelianConspiracy As usual, Maria has made a very professional, conservative assessment of the situation – maybe I … Continue reading

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Chat here

Welcome to ComposersofSibelius! Get comfy and let’s chat.

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