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New music is beautiful

Here is Toby Twining’s Yes! Yes! Yes! on soundcloud. If you don’t think it’s beautiful get your ears checked! Read more about this contemporary composer here.

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When David Heard

Eric Whitacre’s When David Heard is one of the most beautiful pieces of choral music written in our times, or any other. From ericwhitacre.com: “The text, one single, devastating sentence, is from the King James Bible; II Samuel, 18:33: When … Continue reading

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Media and the modern sound

Some thoughts on the influence of media over popular music at SonsofSibelius. There’s a whole world of discussion around musical circles about this topic, but will any of it ever change anything for the better? And why does the media … Continue reading

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thoughtful discussions

Some very interesting thoughts here and also here, from Ed Sharpe’s forum SibeliusComposers. Enough thoughts to keep one’s mind busy for years I suspect!

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What’s the most important element in music?

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